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bioshock infinite - clash in the clouds (x)

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Lana Del Rey and Francesco Carrozzini, New York (09/11/2014)

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team i can’t do math for shit but i can write a 3 page english paper in less than an hour 



watching the sun set in an outdoor bath could cure any sadness in the world



18 year old Lizzy Grant


Wandering the empty world
In twilight silver shade
Following the hidden paths
Slow and unafraid
Let the sunlight free the heart
Forever bound to roam
Find the weary traveler
Returning home
At last returning home

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The Prodigy - Firestarter

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  • me: are there any spirits listening
  • ouija: yes are you alone
  • me: yes
  • ouija: haha nice whats up :P
  • me: trying to contact my dead grandmother
  • ouija: cool cool so what would u be doing if i was alive right now lol